Saturday, November 8, 2008

Proposition 8



This is just gorram depressing. Yeah, Obama got elected, but the Neocon assholes wouldn't just accept a defeat, and they had to go fuck something else up for the rest of the population that isn't self-righteous busybody pricks! WHAT THE FUCK IS THEIR PROBLEM? GAAAHH! WAUGH! UNGH! AAAAAAUURGH *thud*

Seven Hours Later

Breathe... breathe... There we go. I'm calm now. What's that? A doctor? No - it was only an aneurysm. I mean, if it ends up causing any problems down the road, I could probably make a case in court - it's the Fundies' fault, after all.

I honestly don't get what the deal is. I hear more and more arguments against homosexuality in general, but none of them have ever gone beyond strawman arguments, fear-mongering, lies, damned lies, and "it's icky" BAAAAWing.

Here is the basic conversation you'll get if you engage the type of person who'd vote for Prop 8:

Moron: "It will destroy marriage!"

Me: "How the hell will it do that?"

Dumbass: "Because the bible says it's BAD!"

Me: "The same part of the bible also says that shrimp and mixed fabrics are bad. May I ask what that shirt is made of?"

Retard: "But GAWD destroyed Sodom and Gamorrah because of it!"

Me: "Read your own book. He destroyed it because of inhospitable pricks."

Stupid Bitch: "Well, it's still not natural - you don't see animals doing it!"

Me: "Yes. Yes you do. Do I have to tell you about the penguins again?"

Windowlicker: "Well, maybe they do, but animals also kill and eat each other! Are you saying that should be okay too?"

...and rinse/repeat. How many times do they shift the goalpost there? I lost count. And don't get me started on all the "omg pedophile" stuff either.

Again, though, I absolutely cannot fathom why people think it's alright to strip basic rights away from others due to petty-ass things like that! You know what the most sickeningly, depressingly ironic thing I've ever seen in my life is? Homophobic black people. I've seen many. I mean, did the world learn nothing?

I also can't stand the people who go right out and say that they're being persecuted by not being allowed to treat gays like second-class citizens. Take, for example, this video of a rally for Proposition 8:

...yes. He actually said it. He fucking compared gay marriage to Hitler. What. the. fuck. I mean, that's not even an lolwut - because it's so ridiculous it's not funny when you realize that these people not only exist, but have political power. Do people even realize that when they say shit like that, it sounds pretty much like "I'm being persecuted because I have to eat in the same restaurants as them filthy niggers!" I mean, boo-frickety-hoo; do I get a case if I whine some more about how very profoundly and deeply offended I am by you stupid motherfuckers? GOD!

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