Saturday, January 3, 2009

St. Bastard - "You're Too Negative"

I mentioned a while back that I'd post the bit of music I made when I finished. I never got around to posting it, so here it is, as if anyone cares (or is reading this). It's meant as a reflection into my mind, or even just a general commentary on depression itself (though I can only speak for myself.) It's random, noisy, dark, scary, headache-inducing, and unfocused - me in a nutshell. Just be aware of that when listening, that it's not like a traditional song that I'd 'perform' or anything, as it's all recorded separately and/or synthesized from thin air by my 1337 production skillz.

All vocals, guitars, synthesizers, production, and *most* samples (ambiences n' shit) are by me.

There are some sound clips taken from South Park, A Clockwork Orange, Heavy Metal, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, and the Nine Inch Nails song "Suck". Just giving credit where it's due, so there won't be cause to sue (that rhymed!)

The name of the 'band' is St. Bastard, and the name of the track is "You're Too Negative". I'm probably going to use the St. Bastard moniker for similar, noise-based projects in the future, and use a different name for more traditional songs and stuff.

Here's a safe MegaUpload link, because I'm such a noob at getting music on the intertubes in other ways.


  1. A Question: would you be interested in perhaps doing a music project with me? Obviously it would be as time permitted... it's just that suddenly I really want to do a cycle of poems or whatever about Albert Fish, sort of like what Cradle of Filth did with Gilles de Rais (okay, I admit... that's where I got the idea). I'm just starting to work on this, I'm putting together some possible poem (or song) titles right now.

    I know we could never at this point do something that approached CoF's "Godspeed..."; I'm thinking that it could mainly be really creepy, nasty ambient sounds; slow steps up a creaky staircase, a hammer or something metallic slamming into something wet and gooshy and fleshy-sounding... that sort of thing. Kind of an acoustic-folk-industrial thingumabob. You have a guitar and I have several violins, so we can both play musical instruments (badly!--just kidding!) for it. Hell, if I feel really ambitious, I could try my untrained hand at composing something... I have a keyboard... And since I plan to write poetry for it, it could be sort of a spoken word thing, too.


  2. Hell. fucking. yes. That's exactly the type of thing I was hoping to get into, and with another creative person that's also genuinely wanting to do it, this could be epic.