Saturday, March 19, 2011

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.

So, today was less boring than I expected. Good. It included going out for a birthday lunch/dinner for someone, then heading up to Greensboro to look at houses to possibly move into a few months from now. Cue the usual whining and racism/judgmental complaints from a certain someone in the car.

Most interesting thing to happen was seeing a woman stumbling down the street with blood on her face and dripping from her wrists. Despite the "certain someone" wanting us to keep driving and forget about it, to the point where she was yelling and crying when we stopped, we pulled around the corner and observed while dialing 911 and filling them in on the situation. At this point, the woman (who was obviously intoxicated) had sprawled across some stone steps at someone's yard, and another person (unknown if he was a bystander or what) walked up and started screaming at her to "Get the fuck out of those people's yard! Get out of here!" We were afraid to get too close but we stuck around until the police showed, then we got out of there.
Creepy, unnerving, and very strange. And, for me, noteworthy.

Very much looking forward to Monday. For obvious reasons. Nowadays, I'm actually finding reason to look forward to things. I used to spend way too much time dwelling on the past and lamenting where things went wrong. I feel lately like I've finally climbed over the fence I was pushed against and am running free, open to all kinds of possibilities. I actually feel kind of content, and like there's something to the philosophy of savoring life, rather than enduring it. It's mighty refreshing and comforting. I have one person to thank ;)

In other news, my mom scored tickets to a concert next weekend. Now, normally, our tastes in music sort of clash. Especially for bands either of us would care about enough to go see live. HOWEVER. It happens to be a show by this guy right here:

...the androgynous purple-clad fellow to hold a surprisingly large amount of credibility in my book for someone playing in his genre. I love me some muddafucking .
So... Yeah. Possible concert review forthcoming. Yay!

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